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Just a few success stories from our customers


"With Salex, we started an online global training program centered around our training videos to help set our products apart from our competitors in our industry with sales reps around the world."

Anthony K.
Winnebago RV


"We used Salex training videos to help train our sales reps around North America and grew our sales ten fold."

Erin Q.


"I was so happy to not have to travel all of the time and be able to make videos with Salex, to show our sales reps everything they needed to know about our new products."

MiChael K.

We serve a myriad of industries

Education & Training

Universities, online educational platforms, and corporate training providers can use video podcasts for delivering lectures, tutorials, and educational content, making learning more accessible and engaging.

Technology & Software

Tech companies can use podcasts to discuss industry trends, product updates, and tech insights, helping to establish thought leadership and connect with tech-savvy audiences.

Healthcare & Wellness

Hospitals, wellness coaches, and mental health professionals can share valuable health tips, medical news, and wellness strategies through podcasts, aiding in public health education and patient engagement.

Entertainment & Media

Film studios, music labels, and entertainment news outlets can produce podcasts to discuss industry news, behind-the-scenes content, and celebrity interviews, engaging fans in a more personal way.

Finance & Investing

Banks, investment firms, and financial advisors can offer advice on financial planning, market trends, and economic insights, building trust with clients and attracting new ones.

Legal Industry

Law firms and legal consultants can use podcasts to explain legal concepts, discuss case studies, and provide legal advice, helping to demystify the legal process for the public.

Real Estate

Real estate agencies can showcase properties, offer market analyses, and give home buying/selling tips, enhancing their service offerings and reaching potential clients.

Marketing & Advertising

Agencies can share marketing tips, industry trends, and success stories, positioning themselves as experts and thought leaders in their field.

Non-Profit & Social Causes

Non-profits can use podcasts to spread awareness about their causes, share success stories, and engage with donors and volunteers on a more personal level.

Hospitality & Travel

Hotels, travel agencies, and tour operators can create podcasts about travel tips, destination highlights, and cultural insights, inspiring and informing travelers.

Retail & E-Commerce

Retailers can discuss product trends, offer shopping tips, and conduct interviews with designers or industry experts, enhancing their brand's voice and connection with customers.

White Label Services

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Imagine this…

Amidst tight margins and leadership’s focus on cost-cutting, you saw a different path to sales growth and expense reduction.

Recognizing the potential of Salex, you initiated the implementation of a streamlined learning management system, freeing yourself from costly travel and inefficiencies.

With Salex, you showed leadership a smarter way to incentivize sales reps, offering top-tier advice and empowering them to nurture customer relationships and drive sales.

In your organization’s eyes, you’re not just a leader – you are a hero.

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